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Water Treatment Plant

Roberts Creek Water District sources its water from the South Umpqua River.  In May 2012, the District completed a 3-phase multi-million dollar water treatment plant upgrade.  With the upgrade, the water treatment plant is now utilizing a membrane filtration system and water is treated with a Trojan ultraviolet light, along with onsite-generated Chlorine disinfection.  Roberts Creek Water District is now producing some of the most palatable water in the area.  The maximum production volume of the water treatment plant is 3.75 million gallons per day, with an average daily demand of just over 1 million gallons per day.

If you would be interested in a tour of our water treatment facility, or if you have questions or concerns regarding your drinking water, please contact our Plant Operator Jeremy Wolford at (541) 679-6321.

picture of a building with parking lot in front
Facility Entrance
May contain: handrail, banister, railing, transportation, vehicle, vessel, and watercraft
Sediment Basin
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Treatment Plant
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Treatment Plant
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Filter membranes


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