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Water Leak Credit Requests

The Green Area Water & Sanitary Authority Board of Directors may, at their discretion, grant a water leak bill credit adjustment for customers who have incurred an unintentional water loss caused by a broken or malfunctioning plumbing fixture or pipe (not hoses or irrigation control units).

Qualifying Leaks

Leak must be in the underground main service line between the meter and the house or in piping concealed beneath a building or inside of building walls. 

Nonqualifying Leaks

Leaking faucets, water softeners, sprinkler systems or accidental over-watering are ineligible.  No consideration will be given for irrigation leaks or water features (fountains, ponds, pools, hot tubs).

How to Apply for a Leak Credit

Before a leak adjustment credit will be considered, the water leak must be resolved at the customer's own expense within 30 days of discovery.  Once the leak has been repaired, customer must complete a Water Leak Credit Request form and submit the form to the Authority office, along with proof of repair (invoices and repair costs).  Note:  rental tenants are not eligible for water leak credit adjustments, and will be referred to the landlord/owner.

Board Review

The Board of Directors will review credit requests at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  The Authority will convey the Board's decision in writing within one week of the review.  Credits are granted at the discretion of the Board.  For example, if the Board feels a customer was negligent and did not repair the leak with a sense of urgency, a request may be denied.

How Leak Credits are Calculated

The Authority will calculate:

  1. The amount of water consumed by the customer during the period of the water loss, in excess of the average amount of water used for the same period in the prior year.  If prior year usage is not available, another reasonable benchmark will be determined.  This will be the ordinary and normal water usage by the customer.
  2. The determined amount of excess water used as a result of a leak will be billed at 50%.  (This represents the Authority splitting the cost of the water loss with the customer.)

Credit example calculation:  Bill with water leak $80.00 - normal bill $28.70 = $51.30 @ 50% = $25.65 credit.

The maximum credit granted will be $100

How Often Can a Customer Apply for a Leak Credit?

Each account (with the exception of rental lessee accounts) is eligible to receive one adjustment during a 12-month rolling period.

How is the Credit Applied?

A leak credit will be applied to the account and will be shown on the next bill.  Payment arrangements may be made if the remaining balance is substantial.


Water Leak Credit Request Form.pdf


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