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Q: Do you have a grace period for payments?

A; No, we do not have a grace period.  Payments are due the 15th of each month (or by 8 am on the next working day).  If we do not receive payment by the 15th, you will be assessed a $5 late fee.


Q: How much water can you really lose with a leaky toilet?

A: More than you might think!  Here's an easy way to check for water loss from your toilet: put a couple drops of food coloring in the tank and wait 10-15 minutes.  If there is colored water in your bowl, you are losing water and may need to repair/replace the flapper seal in the tank.  See the illustration below to give you an idea of how much water you can lose with a leaky toilet or any other leaks.

Water Loss Illustration


Q: Can I pay my bill online?

A: Yes you can now pay your bill online.  From our homepage, click the "pay my bill online" link at the top of the page or under Quicklinks.  From there, you will need your Account Number and Unique ID, which can be found in the messages section of your bill.  With our Online Billpay, you can make a one-time payment via a bank card or e-check.  You can also set up your water account for Auto-pay, which draws on the 13th of the month.  You can also enroll in Paperless Billing if you wish to receive an electronic copy of your bill in-lieu of a paper copy.  Please note:  there is a $300 maximum for for payments made through Online Billpay.


Q: What do I need to do when I sell my house?

A: When you sell your house, you need to notify the RCWD office that your house has sold.  Provide us with the closing date of your property, along with your final mailing address.  If you do not notify us that you have moved out, the water account will remain in your name and you will be responsible for the accrued balance.


Other helpful information when buying a house:

If you are purchasing a foreclosed house, make sure to check for any outstanding property liens.  When homes are foreclosed, very often there are liens from utility services associated with the property.  If you purchase a house at auction, these liens often do not get paid when ownership is transferred and the new owner is on the hook for paying the outstanding utilities and reconnect fees.


Q: I did not use any water, why am I still getting billed?

A: Although our base rate includes 400 gallons of water consumption, our base rate for water services is charged regardless of water use.  The base rate charge is associated with our costs to be able to provide water on-demand.